Raceway Installer

Get trained and certified to properly install fire door raceways

Today, you are tasked with retrofitting existing doors with enhanced features such as access controls and electrified hardware. Whatever the installation approach, any field modifications made to a factory original door or frame voids the fire rating. Through Intertek's Perfect Raceway Program you will be trained and certified to modify doors, while retaining their fire resistance rating.

Certification classes are provided by Product Certification Consultants, LLC, an independent training company hired by Intertek. Don’t see a class in your area? Click here to email PCC.

Your final certification will be based on passing an examination and use of a program designated drilling tool. Intertek’s program follows NFPA guidelines for label service allowing you to drill a raceway through a door without voiding the fire rating. In addition to proper use of a drilling tool, you will be trained on applicable code requirements and how to properly label a door after installation of the Perfect Raceway.

Scheduled Classes